Yuexiu Industrial Investment Ranking into China's TOP 5 Best New Prominent Venture Capital Institutions and China's TOP10 Best Real Estate Funds
Release Date:2014-04-21 10:31:00

On April 17, 2014, at the awards ceremony of China Investment Annual Conference by Touzhong Group in 2014, Guangzhou Yuexiu Industrial Investment Funds Management Co., Ltd. won the titles of "2013 China's TOP 5 best new prominent venture capital institutions" and "China's TOP10 best real estate funds", with steady increase in brand influence.

The company was born in the low tide of domestic PE industry. For two years after establishment, through operation by professional team, it has constantly reinforced its business foundation and enriched business backbone. With the construction of foundation and platform, it achieved good performance in 2013, attracting great attention by the industry. The company, with investment-strategic investment in emerging industry and investment for constant return as the main lines, relying on a professional team, has built business platforms including private equity funds (PE / VC) and constant return business represented by Guangzhou State-owned Funds. As of the first quarter of 2014, the company managed 13 funds, with a total scale of RMB 14.937 billion, and one bio-pharmaceutical stock full investment enterprise and three real estate funds have successfully withdrawn.

As one of China's most prestigious selections of private stock equity investment funds, Touzhong Group's annual list has been respected by the Chinese investment community. This award fully reflects the industry's recognition of Yuexiu industrial funds. We will take this opportunity and make persistent efforts to enhance the investment strength to achieve excellent returns for investors.