Yuexiu Financial Holdings Shone at the 4th International Finance Expo with New Opportunities and New Finance
Release Date:2015-07-14 11:16:00

——Provincial Governor Zhu Xiaodan and Municipal Party Secretary Ren Xuefeng Gave Positive Feedback When Inspecting the Booth of Yuexiu Financial Holdings

The 4th China (Guangzhou) International Finance Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Expo”), which lasted for three days, came to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou on June 28. As the winner of the “Special Contribution Prize” of the “New Opportunities and New Finance” 2015 Southern Finance Summit this year, Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group successfully acquired several industry-finance integration projects and entered into strategic cooperation agreements during the three days of the Expo, and became an eye-catching exhibitor at this Expo. During the Expo, Zhu Xiaodan, Governor of Guangdong Province, and Ren Xuefeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and Municipal Party Secretary of Guangzhou, visited the booth of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, and fully recognized the achievements of Yuexiu Financial Holdings in recent years. They also encouraged Yuexiu Financial Holdings to be more ambitious and shoulder greater missions from the strategic standpoint of municipal and provincial financial development, and said that the municipal and provincial governments would continue to support Yuexiu Financial Holdings in its efforts to become bigger and stronger.

Highlights of Yuexiu Financial Holdings at the Expo:

Highlight 1: Entering into contracts with a total amount of 15.4 billion yuan with respect to industry-finance integration

As a backbone force in building Guangzhou into a regional financial center, Yuexiu Financial Holdings has always been committed to supporting and facilitating the development of the real economy. It entered into cooperation with a total amount of 15.4 billion yuan during the Expo. On the first day of the Expo, Guangzhou Securities successfully entered into strategic cooperation agreements with a series of media including Xinhua Net, Guangzhou TV Station, and 21st Century News; Yuexiu Leasing entered into a 2.4 billion yuan bond underwriting cooperation agreement with China Development Bank, and a 2 billion yuan leasing project cooperation agreement with GWQM; Guangzhou Guarantee entered into a cooperation agreement for public welfare undertakings with Guangzhou Legal Aid Office.On the second day, Yuexiu Financial Holdings entered into a 10 billion yuan cooperation agreement with China Construction Bank; Guangzhou Securities Innovative Investment entered into a cooperation agreement with GAC Capital Co., Ltd. with regard to the joint establishment of an investment fund for the automobile industry with a scale of 1 billion yuan.

Highlight 2: Focusing on the hottest issues in the financial industry and the features of Guangzhou

In response to the market changes, Yuexiu Financial Holdings focuses on the hottest financial issues such as “Nansha Area of Free Trade Zone”, “Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau financial cooperation”, “construction of the regional financial center”, “New Three Board” and “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect”. Chong Hing Bank under Yuexiu Group is about to establish a branch in Nansha, Yuexiu Leasing has begun to build a leasing assets trading platform in Nansha, and Guangzhou Securities is rising at the New Three Board. During the Expo, various business divisions introduced a series of highly attractive special activities such as product introduction event and expert seminar on financial management.Based on the hottest financial issues, Guangzheng Hang Seng launched a seminar entitled “the New Three Board Promotes 4.0 Industrial Growth”; Yuexiu Securities opened another window for investors by launching the special seminar entitled “A Full Analysis of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect”; Guangzhou Guarantee introduced the lawsuit guarantee service; Guangzhou Futures held a seminar entitled “All About Futures”, introduced the future asset management products, and provided free future consultation service.

Highlight 3: Unified brand image

To facilitate the strategic position adjustment of Yuexiu Group, the acquisition of Chong Hing Bank, and the shareholding reform and renaming of some subordinate companies, Yuexiu Financial Holdings has adjusted and standardized systemVI.At the Expo, Yuexiu Financial Holdings, together with subordinate companies such as Chong Hing Bank, Guangzhou Securities, Yuexiu Leasing, Yuexiu Industry Fund, Guangzhou Guarantee and Yuexiu Microcredit, appeared with a unified Yuexiu roc brand image for the first time, which fully reflected the corporate value of “Beyond Excellence”.

Highlight 4: Debut of the mainland branch of Chong Hing Bank

On October 30, 2014, the Guangzhou Sub-branch of Chong Hing Bank officially opened for business, which realized the goal of “M&A, application and opening in the same year”. It is not only the first step for the bank to enter the mainland market after the M&A, but also the 7th Hong Kong-owned bank to establish a sub-branch in Guangdong under the CEPA framework agreement.In January this year, the Foshan Sub-branch of Chong Hing Bank also successfully opened for business. The debut of the mainland branch of Chong Hing Bank at the Expo received high attention from insiders of the industry and the public. Many organizations came to make inquires and seek cooperation opportunities.

Highlight 5: Exclusive report by Xinhua Net

As the official media partner, Xinhua Net published an exclusive report on the impressive performance of Yuexiu Financial Holdings at the 4th International Finance Expo.

The above achievements of Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group are mainly attributed to the outstanding business performance, increasing brand influence and good reputation of the group since its establishment.Through the Expo, which serves as an important communication platform for industry-finance integration, Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group showed the industry a brand new way of financial innovation and development today.