Dragon Boats Racing on the Pearl River to Go Beyond Excellence
Release Date:2015-07-14 11:12:02

—— 2015 Yuexiu Cup Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race Came to a Successful Conclusion

In the afternoon of June 27, the “2015 Yuexiu Cup Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament” sponsored by Yuexiu Group was held in the section of the Pearl River between the square at the north gate of Sun Yat-Sen University and Guangzhou Bridge.Chen Jianhua, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Guangzhou, Hu Jianguo, Chairman of Asian Dragon Boat Federation, Liu Beijian, Deputy Director of the Social Sport Instruction Center of the State General Administration of Sport and Vice President of the China Dragon Boat Association, and Chen Guo, Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Secretary-General of Guangzhou, attended the opening ceremony of the finals, and took part in the exhibition match together with citizens and students. General Manager Zhu Chunxiu and Deputy General Manager Tang Shouchun of Yuexiu Group attended the event, and presented the prizes to the winning teams.

The Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament is a traditional and important annual sports event in Guangzhou, and has been held for 21 years so far. It is one of the dragon boat races that are held for the longest consecutive period in China, with distinctive features of the Lingnan culture, and enjoys high popularity among Guangzhou citizens.The race this year involved 115 dragon boat teams and more than 4300 athletes, from different districts of Guangzhou and cities nearby, as well ascountries and regions including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong and Macau. Tens of thousands of citizens watched the race by the river. Even the rain shower during the race did not reducethe enthusiasm of the citizens, who continued to cheer for the dragon boat race and performances.

After nearly two hours of intense competition, the final results of this dragon boat race were revealed. The first place of “Traditional Dragon” was won by the Guangzhou Nansha Team, and the champions of different groups of “International Standard Dragon” are as follows: Men’s Open Group - Guangzhou Yuan · Wanshangtai Team; Women’s Open Group – Foshan Nanhai Yuanhang Jiujiang Women’s Team; International Group – Hong Kong Firemen’s Team; University Student Team – Sun Yat-Sen University Xinhua College Team.

This is the fifth time that Yuexiu Group has sponsored the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race since 2005, and Yuexiu is now widely recognized by citizens as a brand of public benefits. Year 2015 happens to be the 30thanniversary of the group. The sponsorship of this Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament plays a positive role in supporting the conservation of traditional Lingnan culture and national fitness activities, creating a favorable public image, and further increasing the group’s social influence. This event helps to intensively and effectively communicate the group’s core value of “Going Beyond Excellence”. Guangdong TV Station, Guangzhou TV Station, Guangzhou Daily and Southern Urban Daily made detailed reports on this event.