Yuexiu Holding Limited Held Micro Film Contest
Release Date:2014-06-11 17:15:40

To implement the brand positioning information, the Brand Management Center of the Group collaborated with Youth League, HR Department and brand departments, and leagues of affiliates to carry out the 2014 "Yuexiu Cup" micro film contest with the theme of "constant surpassing, more excellence", which gained extensive attention from the staff, partners, media and the public. After two months of contest, currently all the works have been reviewed for scoring, and the results will be announced on June 13.

The brand positioning of “constant surpassing, more excellence" is implemented cleverly

At the end of 2013, the Group defined the "integrity, innovation and responsibility" as the entire brand properties, the "value innovation" is the core value of parent brand, and "constant surpassing, more excellence" is the brand slogan and enterprise core value. To enable the staff to better understand the new brand positioning and implement to work and life, and enhance the communication between various departments, the Group's Brand Management Center planned the project of micro film contest.

Since the precluding of "Yuexiu Cup" Micro Film Contest in April 2014, it got enthusiastic support by the staff from the headquarters and subordinate enterprises, who have been active in enrollment to tell their own stories of "constant surpassing, more excellence" in life and work through micro films; eventually a total of 14 teams were screened for the final contest.

"Constant surpassing, more excellence" in shooting training

At the beginning,many colleagues regarded themselves as "outsiders", not knowing how to shoot, how to write a screenplay or how to do post-production. To address these difficulties, the contest organizers carefully arranged four special training courses of "Yuexiu micro film classroom". Under the guidance of professional directors by hands, the staff learned seriously and participated actively, mastered the skills for completing a work from scratch.

Yuexiu staff actively participated in training and learned skillsmicro films

The completion of training didn’t mean the end of the contest. The competition of their works was the ultimate goal. For the micro film of just a few minutes, each team has made arduous efforts. The colleagues from "Hi Yuexiu" of Yuexiu Financial Holding described some difficulties in shooting. They were forced to spend the last week on re-creation, and turned the impossible to the possible in just one week.

Tell the story about “constant surpassing, more excellence" of themselves as Yuexiu staff

The works for the micro film contest tell the stories of Yuexiu staff in their work and life, based the theme of "constant surpassing, more excellence". After two months of intense shooting and production, ultimately a total of 14 wonderful works from the headquarters and subordinate enterprises were involved in the final review and voting.

These works are in various forms, with fascinating and brilliant plots, and all the teams eventually submitted a satisfactory answer. There are "Daddy's Newspaper" which conveys the idea of humane care, "Ordinary Magician" which discovers self value in ordinary work, "We – Chapter of Growth” which pursuits progress and love on the post, and "Daddy's Secret” which presents the work of Yuexiu staff in a humorous way.

Great shots of "Daddy's Newspaper" by “Guangzhou Paper Style Team" from Guangzhou Paper Group

Great shots "Ordinary Magician" by"Dream Fortune Team” from Yuexiu REIT

The star award is about to be revealed, and "constant surpassing, more excellence" continues

To ensure that this contest is fair, just and open, the contest is evaluated by a combination of network voting and assessment jury.From June 3 to 7, within just five days, it attracted enthusiastic voting from internal and external internet users. The daily page view on the official website was over 10,000 times for the first time, and the “Dream on the Drawing” produced by the “Dream trainer team” from Yuexiu Property won the Best Popularity Award with 63,435 votes.

After scoring by intense professional assessment jury and Internet voting of all the works in early June, currently the awards of 2014 "Yuexiu Cup" micro film contest have been initially figured out. All the works in the contest will be uploaded to the video area for more audience afterwards.