Yuexiu Group was established in Hong Kong in 1985. Having undergone 30 years of development, especially through the adjustment and optimization in recent years, Yuexiu Group has gradually established its “3+X” industrial system whose core businesses are three major modern service industries, namely real estate, finance, and transport & infrastructure. By the end of 2015, Yuexiu Group had ranked first in asset size of all state-owned enterprise groups in Guangzhou with leading performances in overall economic benefits and total assets exceeding RMB 400 billion.

There are four Hong Kong-listed companies (trusts) under Yuexiu Group, namelyYuexiu Property (00123.HK),Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited (01052.HK),Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (00405.HK) and Chong Hing Bank Limited (01111.HK). Among them, Yuexiu Property is a constituent stock of the MSCI China Index; Yuexiu Transport is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng China-Affiliated Corporations Index; and Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust has been selected by the Standard & Poor Global REIT index, the Bloomberg Asia REIT index and the combination index of Thomson Reuters, the International Real Estate Academy and the Asia-Pacific Real Estate Association.

Among Yuexiu Group’s core businesses, Yuexiu Property is a national comprehensive real estate developer that has developed more than 60 residential projects and over 20 commercial property projects (the most significant of which is Guangzhou International Financial Center, the highest building in southern China) over the years, and it holds a leading position in commercial property values among listed real estate companies; with the launching of its national expansion scheme in recent years, Yuexiu Property has successfully established strategically key presence in a total of 12 cities in the Pearl River Delta region, the Yangtze River Delta region , the Bohai Rim region and central China. Yuexiu Financial Holdings is one of the core sections of the Group developed vigorously in recent years, currently with total assets of over 100 billion yuan. It has a number of domestic and overseas financial business platforms such as banking, securities, leasing, industry funds, financing guarantee, and petty loan, with business outlets in the US, Hong Kong, Macau, and over 20 provinces in China. An international financial holding pattern focusing on banking and securities, and a business development layout of “cross-border operation and nationwide expansion” have basically taken shape. Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure is mainly engaged in the investment and operation management of expressways, ports and bridges, it currently holds the major share controlling interests of the following expressways: Guangzhou North Second Ring, Shaanxi Xilin, Guangxi Cangyu, Tianjin Jinbao, Hubei Hanxiao, Hunan Changzhu, Henan Weixu, and the port of Guangxi Wuzhou. Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust, as the world’s first REIT to invest in mainland China’s property market, currently holds six quality properties including White Horse Building, Fortune Plaza, Urban Construction Building, Victory Plaza, Yuexiu Metro Plaza and Guangzhou International Financial Center.

In recent years, Yuexiu Group has initiated its “3-year development of adjustment and optimization” (2009-2011), which clarified the Group’s strategic positioning and reaffirmed its core businesses. As an ongoing effort in simplifying its core businesses, the Group voluntarily withdrew from a number of operations in hospitality, international engineering & labor services, cement, supermarket and battery. Since 2012, Yuexiu Group has entered “the phase of comprehensive enhancement and development”, with focus shifting to building core capabilities. Through the establishment of core capabilities, the “two-wheel driven” mode of combing industry and finance, as well as the resource integration on a larger scale, the Group was committed to driving its core businesses to achieve growth in scale, distribution optimization and performance enhancement. The national distribution of its real estate business has been progressively optimized, the strengths of its transport and infrastructure business continuously enhanced, and the development pattern for its financial and securities business gradually established.

In 2014, under the overall theme of “reforming & innovating to enhance our strength, transforming and upgrading to surmount obstacles”, and the working theme of “three guarantees, three accelerations and three reinforcements”, Yuexiu Group aimed at accelerating the process of its transformation and upgrading, in order to deliver greater breakthroughs in areas including the enhancement of asset and management quality, resource integration, and the identification of core advantages for core businesses, thus driving the Group’s development to achieve qualitative leaps.